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Why did Christ Jesus Come into the World?

November 30, 2017 | 0 comments

Q: Why did Christ Jesus come into the World? 
A: Christ Jesus came into the World to Save Sinners

The coming of the Son of God is a fact.

It is a fact of history that the eternal Son of God came into the world as the God-Man, Jesus Christ. Millions profess to believe this fact but continue to live just like everybody else. They live with the same anxieties everyone else has that good things will be lost and with the same frustrations that the that the bad things they hate about themselves or their situation can never be changed.

But the coming of the Son of God is so much more than mere historical fact. It was a message of hope that had been sent by God to the waiting, wounded, and weary; to the anxious and the uncertain; to the marginalized and the outcast; and to all the nations and those far off.

Because the Son of God lived, died, rose, reigns, and is coming again, God's message through him is more than a historical fact…it is a gift!

The meaning of Christmas is that what is good and precious in your life need never be lost, and what is evil and undesirable in your life can be changed. The fears that the few good things that make you happy are slipping through your fingers, and the frustrations that the bad things you hate about yourself or your situation can't be changed—these fears and these frustrations are what Christmas came to destroy. 

“It is God's message of hope that what is good need never be lost and what is bad can be changed.”

Join us this Advent Season of 2017 each Sunday morning at 10:30 AM as we study together who it was that Christ Jesus came to the World for.

1st Sunday of Advent, Dec 3, Luke 1:5-22, “Jesus came for the Waiting, Wounded, and Weary (Zechariah)

2nd Sunday of Advent, Dec 10, Matthew 1:18-25       , “Jesus came for the Anxious and Uncertain (Joseph)

3rd Sunday of Advent, Dec 17, Luke 2:8-21, “Jesus came for the Marginalized and Outcast (Shepherds)

4th Sunday of Advent, Dec 24, Luke 2:22-35, “Jesus came to save the Nations and those Far Off (Simeon)

Christmas Eve, Dec 24, Luke 2:1-21, “Jesus came for You”