Worship Online


We are all exiles now -- and while the church may have "left the building," we are still the church -- and maybe vene more so!

We will meet online at 10:30 AM each Sunday

See our links for how you can join us on YouTube, Facebook Live, or in our Google Classroom for worship and for each of us to recieve encouragement as we mark these steps of our exile together!

From the exile of God’s people from the Garden (Adam & Eve), to the exile of God’s people from Ur (Abram & Sarai), to the exile of God’s people from their family home (Jacob flees the wrath of his brother Esau), to the exile of God’s people as a “sold people” (Joseph leaves for Egypt as a slave in chains), to the exile of God’s people from absolute starvation (all of Israel [that's Jacob and his remaining elevn sons] join their slave-brother turned prime-minister of Egypt to endure the “skinny cows” far from home), to the exile of God’s people after 400 years of slavery and bondage to escape to a wilderness wandering that lasted 40 years (led by Moses we became the “Exodus people” of God), to the exile of God’s people from that very wilderness to a land long-promised (under Joshua).

We could go on, right?

We were MADE for this!

In fact, the best word to describe the life of God’s people must be “exilic” (a word ex-il-ic [eg-zil-ik] actually meaning “the condition or period of living away from one’s home.”

We were ALL made for this!

Let’s “lean in” — as we journey together over this coming season as a wandering, exilic, and trusting people of God — following Jesus, who is the author and finisher of our journey of faith.

This time for all of us is -- or very shortly will be -- a time of wandering (and wondering) as we together follow God as he leads His people — SO REJOICE! You were made for this!